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Quad Kids Athletics Final

Annabel Grosfils, Ffion Jones–Allan, Melika Richards, Salma Askira, Teddy Picton, Cae  Williams, Kian Lloyd and Khalif Jimcallah , were chosen to represent Fairfield in a quad kids athletics tournament.

After amazingly being placed third out of 18 schools Fairfield qualified for the quad kids finals, which took place Tuesday 11th of July at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

All of the the children had a go at a variety of challenges: long jump, throwing, 75m, and 800m. Unfortunately they weren't placed in the top five but they came a close 6th out of 15+ schools, Mrs Stead and the rest of the teachers are very proud of them for having a go and trying their best!! 

Below are the results from the children’s heats:

Teddy Picton:

Long jump: 166cm

75m: 1st

800m: 6th

Kian Lloyd:

Long Jump: 156cm

75m: 4th

800m: 6th

Khalif Jimcallah:

Long jump: 164cm

75cm : 1st


Cae Williams:

Long jump: 160cm

75m: 1st

800m: 8th

Annabel Grosfils:

Long jump: 165cm

75m: 3rd

800m: 6th

Salma Askira:

Long jump: 165cm

75m: 1st

800m: 6th

Ffion Jones-Allan

Long jump: 167cm

75m: 1st

800m: 3rd

Melika Richards:

Long jump: 195cm

75m: 1st


Written by Ffion Jones-Allan and Melika Richards

Quad Kids Athletics Finals
Quad Kids Athletics Event Quad Kids Athletics Event
Quad Kids Athletics Event Quad Kids Athletics Event