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Busy week for Years 3 & 4

Year 3 and 4 have been so busy this week. On Wednesday we had a dance masterclass with Zaya's mum (year 3's). She showed us how to warm up, how to hip hop, some capoeira, yoga and a cool down to 'baby shark'. It took us all afternoon to recover. Thursday was followed by Techniquest workshops on the body, where the tutor was surprised at how much they knew already on digestion and bones. They used microscopes to explore their bodies close up as well as using their sense of smell, sight and touch to explore. This was followed by Caleb's Mum (year 3) showing us the correct way to look after our teeth- the children were shown what happens at the dentist and we were told how important it is to go every 6 months, brushing our teeth twice a day especially at night before bed. I think we will have some tired children going home this Friday.