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Dosbarth 3 and 4 trip to St Fagans!

On Thursday 17th January Dosbarth 3 and 4 went on a class trip to visit the Celts at St Fagans.

When we were there we met an archaeologist who was our guide for the day. We were shown lots of different foods and were shocked to find what the Celts used to live on, no potatoes chicken or pizzas!  We ground our own grain to make bread and prepared for battle with the shields and spears looking at the materials used to make them. Next we sat around a campfire and we got to hold Celtic artefacts. We held lots of different tools, a sword, a Celtic toy and a bone comb. After sitting around the campfire, we helped weave some clothes on a loom.  We all had an amazing time in St Fagans learning all about the Celts finding out answers too many of our questions we asked at the beginning of the topic. We are looking forward to our Caerleon trip in March to compare the lives of a Roman.