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Class Byron visit to St Cadoc's church Llancarfen

Fairfield were fortunate enough to win a free trip within the Vale as part of the Vale School Trips project.

The church itself is worth seeing and has many lovely mediaeval features like carved heads on a pillar, a restored reredos, fabulous old iron bound chest, a massive font. We were amazed by the wall paintings that are being slowly and painstakingly uncovered after 480 years of being hidden which are stunning. There is a whole wall of the myth of St George and a section of the deadly sins.
We were sent to discover hidden treasures around the church; the green man, the door to no where, the funny faces and the oldest Celtic stone.
We marvelled and enjoyed listening to Ian who knew every detail of the church's past and explained what all the newly discovered paintings from 1600's were about. We were filmed by the vale school trips team and we will be able to be seen on their websites soon. Links will be provided.
Thank you to all who voted for us. Class Byron