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Four core purposes

We have had a fantastic first week to the spring term focusing on our curriculum and why we learn what we learn.

This is all linked to developments to the Welsh curriculum that will be implemented fully in September 2022. The curriculum is based around four core purposes, which are explained further through this link

We have looked at one core purpose each day, starting with an assembly for the whole school and then the children thinking about work that they’ve already done linked to this purpose. Years 1 & 2 actually did a focus project this week based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears ending with a performance on Friday. This work was then gathered at the end of the day for a display in the hall, showing the range of activities that take place at Fairfield School.
We wanted to share the display for each core purpose with you, to explain what is at the heart of the new curriculum and what we already have within our current provision.

You would be proud of everything your children have achieved this week. They have showed real enthusiasm, so please take time to ask them about it.
We look forward to an exciting time ahead working to refine the curriculum further, to ensure it is the best possible provision for the children.