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Brain Games 2015

Success for Fairfield !

Success for Fairfield !

We have yet another Fairfield winner!  One of our Year 6 boys has won the 'Brain Games' poster competition as a result of a public vote at the National Museum.

Brain Games Poster Competition Winner
 Brain Games Poster Competition Winner

Several Fairfield entries were successful in being shortlisted to a final twelve.  These were displayed during the 'Brain Games' event.

Shortlisted Entries
 Shortlisted entries

Prof. Derek Jones and his team were so impressed by the number and quality of entries from Fairfield, they created a 'Brain Mosaic' of the images.  Click on the pdf below to view this.

Thank you to all who visited the event and to all you brainy Fairfield pupils for creating such wonderful posters.

The link below shows pictures of the day - you may spot yourself.