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Proud to Present Scheme

The “Proud to Present” scheme has one main objective – to improve the motivation of pupils to raise their standards in the broadest sense. It does this by encouraging good habits through making the children want to achieve success.

The scheme doesn’t aim to recognise achievements only in terms of school work, though. Indeed, it rewards pupils’ achievements in extra curricular activities both in and out of school and it embraces positive developments in effort, initiative, behaviour, politeness and relationships with both peers and adults.

The key document of the scheme is the Record of Achievement (ROA) file. At the start of each year, every child completes a personal profile and, at the end of each term, he / she chooses a favourite piece of work which is included in the file.

At the end of Key Stage 2, each child is presented with his / her folder which is taken home. The file contains a record of the child’s achievements while at Fairfield and is truly something of which he / she can be extremely proud.