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The Eco Committee meets at lunchtime on Mondays from 12.30 – 12.55 p.m. The Eco Committee is run by Mrs Herbert and Mrs Luke. Due to the increasing number of pupils interested in Eco issues and wishing to join the Eco committee, this academic year we have changed the arrangements. Due to projects we carry out often running over from one term to another, it is necessary to have a core committee. For this reason we have co-opted some children through questionnaires. However there are many pupils who wish to be involved so each half term a year group will be invited to attend meetings and help the committee carry out the work. One of the aims of the Eco Committee is to raise awareness in the school of environmental issues. Recently the whole school took part in Eco Week and the children made resolutions to do something to achieve this. These can be seen in all classrooms in the form of butterflies. Do ask your child what Eco promise they have made!