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School Teams

In Fairfield School we have team points.  These are for the teams we have in school.  Their names are Dewi, Llewellyn and Glyndwr.  These represent people called Dewi Sant, Prince Llewellyn and Owain Glyndwr.

For each team we have Team Captains and Vice Captains.  At the end of each week we count up the team points and put them on a board in the hall.  This is done by the Team Captains or, if they are not in school, then the Vice Captains will do it.  It is also the same for the Sports Day Trophy, the St. David's Day Trophy and the Team Trophy.

The current Team Captains and Vice Captains are shown in the table below: - 

Team Captains and Vice Captains

Team  Captains    Vice Captains
 Llewellyn  Cerys Green    Miles Burgoyne
   Isaac Smith    Phoebe Johnson
 Glyndwr  Sophie Wilford   David Christopher
   David Barker   Amy Lewis
 Dewi  Libby Herbert   Oscar Bedford
   Jack Bolt   Esther Woods

For more information about the team system click here